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  2014 Champions: Ruben Orlando Hernandez Gastelum
NL, Mexico
2014 Men's First Prize Champion
Ruben Orlando Hernandez Gastelum before front Photo
Ruben Orlando Hernandez Gastelum after front Photo
Ruben Orlando Hernandez Gastelum before side Photo
Ruben Orlando Hernandez Gastelum after side Photo
Ruben Orlando Hernandez Gastelum's Testimonial
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Hello friends and appreciated YOR Health team. My name is Ruben and this if my first cycle of the Challenge since I joined the company barely 2 months ago. And I want to tell you that I’m very happy, excited and very satisfied with the results YOR Health has given me!!! At the beginning of the Challenge I weighed 82 kg / 180.78 lbs and my goal was to reach 79 kg / 174.16 lbs. And the final result was 77 kg /169.76 lbs. I started with a BMI of 26.6 and I ended at 24.89. I started with a body fat percentage of 22.2 % and I ended at 14%.

The YOR Health products gave me the opportunity to get a perfect nutrition conveniently despite of any crazy schedule I had. It spares me time from thinking what to prepare for my meals, and it saves me time. This was important to me, considering I don’t have much time. Upon rising and to start my day I take a Probiotics capsule and 2 Repair capsules. 30 minutes later I have my chocolate MRP, which is my favorite. Around 8 am I go to the gym and I have a Berry Blast while doing my routine, and I really feel how it lifts me up and I can end my routine faster. On Monday I work on my biceps and chest, on Tuesday I work on my legs, on Wednesday I work my triceps and back, on Thursday I work my shoulders and trapeze. I lift weights for like an hour and a half and I do 20 minutes of cardio jogging on the treadmill, and at the end of my routine I have another MRP with Fiber. I have an MRP before and after my exercise routine to get better results.

At lunch, before the first bite, I have a Digest Ultra and 2 Vitamins. I balance my diet having chicken or ground meat with veggies, half a cup or rice, and one cup or a cup and a half of veggies. At mid-afternoon, at 6 pm, I have a SuperGreens as a snack, which helps me keep my body in an alkaline state, along with a few almonds or nuts. And at night, to close all the balance nutrition, at 9:45 pm I have one Digest capsule and 2 Vitamins with my MRP, and I go to bed!! The products, besides nurturing me, are delicious!!!

The Digestive Enzymes helped me get the nutrients from the food I ingested. This enzymes helped my body process and break down the nutrients from the food more easily, leaving me with more energy from the nutrients my body was getting. As the days on the Challenge went by, I was acquiring more energy and improving my mood, making me have a better performance in my activities with my patients and in the search of keep sharing happiness and health with everybody else while promoting the YOR Health 8-week Challenge. And that same energy helped me save time in my exercise routine. It is worth mentioning that 2 weeks before completing the Challenge, I bought the Muscle Energy and started using it, and I noticed better results and changes because now I end my routine feeling less tired and I feel how it has increased my strength to lift more weight.

Lastly, I would like to add that ever since YOR Health came into my life, I am a different person. It may truly sound well-trodden, but it really changed my life!! Literally!! From my confidence, my energy, my vitality, to my mentality, because I am more positive now, I irradiate more joy, I am more optimistic and nicer to people. People notice it and they say to me, “You look great and different, what did you do to achieve that??” And what do you think I say to them?? YOR Health did it for me and that’s nothing!!! What’s yet to come in this beautiful project is even better!!! I wish you all success, my friends. Lift up your enthusiastic hearts and see you at the annual event in Miami 2014. Warm regards!!!
* The testimonials contained on this website and any other publication or printed materials are provided by customers who have used at least one YOR Health product. Please be advised that the testimonials contained on this website and any other publication or printed materials reflect only the experiences of the customer who has provided the testimonial. YOR does not make any claim that such experiences are typical or are indicative of future performance or success of using one of their products.

When replacing 2 out of 5 mini-meals per day with a meal replacement shake, the average person should expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. As with any reduced-calorie diet, the amount of weight you'll lose will depend on the number of calories you consume in proportion to your weight.

Individual results may vary. Factors that may affect your results include (but are not limited to) your metabolism, exercise routine, diet, smoking, pregnancy, current medications and any medical conditions. As with any health or fitness program, regular exercise and a sensible eating plan are essential to achieve long-term weight loss results. No customer was paid for a testimonial.
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