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  2014 Champions: Melissa Pray
NJ, United States
2014 Women's First Prize Champion
Melissa Pray before front Photo
Melissa Pray after front Photo
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Melissa Pray after side Photo
Melissa Pray's Testimonial
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Confidence is something you can't buy, but it is something you can create. With the help of YOR Health, this is something I was able to do. I will be thirty years old this year and I can honestly say this is the first time I feel like I'm truly living. My weight battles began from the age of nine years old. I struggled with self-confidence and insecurities pretty much since then. I have heard sayings like, when you hit rock bottom then change will occur. My rock bottom definitely came and I'm glad it did.

In 2013 I started experiencing health concerns. I stopped getting my menstrual cycle, I was suffering from black outs and migraines and at only 28 this should not be happening. It only got worse and the scariest news is when I found out I was pre-diabetic. After finding this out, instead of making changes, I only became more depressed and the weight just kept piling on. It got to the point where I weighed over 250 pounds and was a shocking size 18.

I started to go through experiences that I never thought would happen to me. I was constantly out of breath, sweating all the time, and I was even having a hard time tying my shoes. I went on a trip to the Dominican Republic, and there I could no longer hide from who I'd become. While on this trip a friend had an idea to take a picture by the pool with all the girls in their bathing suits. It was almost physical torture to even be at the pool let alone take a picture. After becoming so heavy I stopped taking pictures because it was too painful to look at myself. I decided to go hide in the bathroom to avoid facing myself. I just could not face who I'd become and taking the picture would force me to see the ugly truth. After my friend found me sobbing in the bathroom, I was completely humiliated.

I found the courage and went out and took the picture. We took many photos with many different poses including crossing our legs in the pool. After sitting in the pool unable to cross my legs because I had gotten so heavy I said to myself that's it! I was on a path to destruction and poor health and I knew I needed to change. Around this time that's when YOR Health launched the 8-week Challenge. I said to myself, this is your chance to change. I joined the Challenge with one of best friends Vana and we used the entire line. We even felt so inspired to record my weight loss journey by having a video blog. We started Project: I want 2 live, and our mission is to inspire people to take control of their health to live a life filled with self-love and happiness. All of my pain has now become my passion to help others find their way. I'm proud to say I'm down a total of 70 pounds and 62 of those pounds since last May! My goal is to reach 100 pounds and join the 100 Pound Club, which I know and believe I will do!
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