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LeRon West's Journals
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2/11/2013 11:23:57 AM
I can't front, when I 1st started this challenge I was going through alot of finance issues, my old job demoted me which left me out of work for 4 weeks. I had a few products to work with such as (the probiotic ultra, the yor essential vitamin,supergreens and fibus plus) I end up loosing 2lbs. I guess I had undigested food in my system that's why it happen plus I did not have digestive ultra when I started the challenge. I'm happy how far I came from being skinny guy before having my kidney transplant while I was under going my kidney dialysis treatments to now having a whole new body I can be proud of in my eyes. I'm not finished yet and still learning about how many calories I need to take in each day to gain lean muscle I've been eating pretty healthy still eating red meat but eating less an eating more lean chicken breast, boiled eggs, and green veggies.
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