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Frans Van Riemsdijk's Journals
Challenge group #
day 10 & day 11
1/12/2013 4:39:06 AM
Day 10 and 11, no sports only healthy foods, giving my body the time it needs to recover a bit. at day 10 my breakfast was a shake with MRP and fiber, for lunch I had a mrp& SG shake, together with mij vitamines and digest. I took two slices of bread aswell, one with ham, the other with peanutbutter. For dinner i had greenbeens, meetburger, and some patatos, baked in the oven with olive oil, 10 minutes befor i had miy vitamines and digest. At day 11 i started with a mrp and fiber shake. for lunch i had a toastedsandwich with ham and cheese. with a digest and vitamines. An hour or two later i took a shake with mrp and supergreens, at 4 i had an apple. For dinner i made some salades, a baguette, chicken and mushrooms. And unfortunately I wanted to eat some sugar, so i took some sweets after dinner, my bad.
Thomas Rein Van Zelst
Goooo Frans, You can do it!!! Cheers Thomas
day 9
1/10/2013 2:50:44 PM
in the morning i had a shake with mrp and fiber. Got to work, for lunch a had a mrp and supergreen shake, together with two slices of bread and a digest +2vitamines. In the evening my diner was a banana a sandwith and of course an digest an vitamin. I had a late meeting and after that when I was at home i had a 5,6 km run. After that i worked out in the garage with some weight lifting, sit ups and push ups, all in 15reps and 3 rounds.
Day 8
1/9/2013 1:56:37 AM
Got up early, took a shake (MRP and fiber)and took a complete burn and went to the gym. I was there at 7.30 am, At the gym i filled my bottle with berry blast. Started with a 4.26km run (20:16min), 2km row (7.48), 3 sets of sit ups and legg lifts 15-20 reps, between i did 3 sets of 15 push ups. After that a 3 sets serquit of pull ups(6/7/8reps), shoulder lifts (10kg, 10 reps), biceps (10 kg, 15reps), triceps pull down (27,5 kg 12 reps), and an other one :s... @ 9.00am is was time to go to work. for lunch i took 2 slices of bread, combined with a shake of mrp and supergreens, and digest+vitamins. For diner i made me a salad with lettuce, cheese, tomato, cucumber and a bit of olive oil. Off course before my dinner i took a digest and a 2vitamins. After that i made a berry blast and left to Karate for a hard 1,5 hours training.
day 1 - day 7
1/7/2013 4:38:53 PM
day 1: 1st jan recovery off a wild party @Amsterdam with my good friend Robert. Took a few repairs and started to eat healthy. Lunch was a chicken soup with 2 warm bagels, supported by 2 vitamines and 1 digest. Took off to my grnadmother for dinner. Due to we both had a late lunch, diner was an apple and an orange. with tea and a cup of coffee. day 2: 2nd jan First day at work in the new year. breakfast was a shake with 2sc.MRP Vanilla and 2sc fibers. @lunchtime i took one sandwich and a shake 2sc MRP, 1sc Supergreens. Went to an italian restaurant for diner, had a small pasta meal with salmon. day 3:3rd jan: WORK YOR *ss off!!! This morning is started with a berry blast and started my run 5,26km run. did it in 26:32. Whoha! Had an MRP & SG lunch. I had a schnitzel with salad for dinner. After that i went to crossfit. 45sec action -15sec rest 4 rounds of: deadlift 60kg, v-ups, cleans and press each arm, and jumps. After that i did 20 minutes at the punching bag. Took a repair ultra and a probiotics for sleep. day 4: breakfast: mrp & fiber lunch: one sandwith with cheese, mpr & supergreen dinner: soya yoghurt with a bun with cheese en a piece of cucumber. day 5: breakfast: mrp, supergreens, fiber Before i went to fittness i took a complete burn and a sandwich. Worked out for 1:15 2,5 km run, deadlifts, abs, abs, abs :) Went to connecttraining, after that i had no dinner because i went to a birthday party and i knew they had some baguettes with lovely cheeses, so before i went ther i took vitamines and digest. day 6 woke up late, took vitamins and digest, had a lunch, 1 croisant and one sandwich with ham, carrots, tomato and old cheese. went to the gym, worked out on the crosstrainer and the bike, did some abs, did some deadlifts with 70 kg and 3 times 6 dips and 6 pull ups. for diner i took MRP, fiber, supergreens. Day 7: breakfast: MRP & fiber & complete burn lunch: mrp & SG, vitamines and digest & one sandwich diner: vitamines & digest, carrot & broccoli soup and a few slices of baguette.
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