Meet our winners of the YOR Best Body Championship 2022

Our championship came back with a bang at our exciting event Ultra Wellness Mexico.

The applause and cheers of almost a thousand people from all over the world declared the 2022 winners!

We know that reaching the championship finals isn’t easy and we want to give special recognition to the first, second and third place winners in the SLIM and SCULPT categories.

1st Place-Female
Maria del Carmen Romo

I am 52 years old. 20 years ago, I have tried many diets with no results. I recently made the decision to focus and take YOR Health supplements consistently, and today I feel very happy, proud and more than motivated since I have lost 30lbs. I’ve never been able to do this with any diet I tried.
Today, I know that it is possible to reach my weight goals by having the right nutrition and taking care of my health.

2nd Place-Female
María del Socorro Martínez

I am 65 years old and I am an orthodontist. Due to the pandemic I closed the office, stayed home and stopped exercising. This caused me a lot of anxiety, I started to eat more and gained 33lb. My knees hurt, I felt very heavy, and above all I didn't like what I saw in the mirror.
I decided to sign up for YOR Best Body, and thanks to the supplements, some exercise and a low carb diet, I lost almost 22lb. and 4 sizes in a very simple way. Now I am going to do the SCULPT challenge and I am sure that at 65 years old I will achieve it.

3rd Place-Female
Susana Imelda Flores

I am a mother of 3 and I am super excited to have done the YOR Best Body at home, because I never thought I would lose so much weight at my age. I feel very good physically and emotionally, and with a lot of energy.
I feel incredible.

1st Place-Male
Paco Romero

When I found out about the company, my doctor had diagnosed me as obese and I realized how difficult it was to lose weight while hanging out with my friends and my bad habits. I started taking the YOR Health products and got back to my ideal weight. In January 2020, I decided to train and go to the gym and wow, what a difference! I feel energetic, enthusiastic, and in a good mood every day. My life has changed so much. I think YOR Health saved my life.

2nd Place-Male
Jesús Lozano Romo

I joined the challenge because I wasn't happy with my body and weight at the time because at my young age I couldn't find clothes in my size that I liked and I felt frustrated and angry. I realized I needed to decide to make changes in my routine and my diet in order to achieve my goal. My experience with the supplements has been very good, added to exercising. I have achieved my goals and I will continue until I reach my ideal weight.

3rd Place-Male
Christian Michel Villegas Montes

I started this new lifestyle a long time ago and I am super happy with the results and changes, especially for having won 5 consecutive challenges in the first place with the support of my dad who has been and will continue to be my coach. Let's go for more first places and inspire more people to enter this wonderful challenge.

1st Place-Female
Pamela Xitlali Ortega Reyes

My work as an architect created a very sedentary routine with non-healthy habits. When I discovered YOR Health, I was not familiar with taking supplements. It was very easy for me to integrate them into my life and knowing I could take them anywhere with me. Little by little, I began to feel less bloated. I felt more motivated, got back to working out, and improved the quality of my food. I could feel that I was feeling strong and aware of how I was taking care of my health. Today, I feel deeply grateful for this health movement because I understand that I have the power to improve my life.

2nd Place-Female
Blanca Araceli Bautista Castro

I'm 48 years old. I started my YOR Best Body challenge with happiness, since I take care of my nutrition and it will be reflected in my appearance. I am entering another stage of my life, where my body is changing and it is no longer so easy for me to maintain a good weight and figure, and YOR supplements really help me take care of myself inside and out,
Thank you YOR Health for taking care of my health!

3rd Place-Female
María del Carmen Sahagún Castañeda

I am 52 years old. YOR Best Body has helped me regain my self-esteem, to feel confident, to wear swimsuits and all kinds of clothes, and for people to tell me that I don't look my age. I feel very energetic on a daily basis. Also, I am impressed as I have had the need to stay awake for months and sometimes not eat properly and despite all that, I have had results thanks to all the YOR Health supplements. I feel blessed and grateful.

1st Place-Male
Héctor Villegas Castro

I am 55 years old and I am happy I’ve been part of YOR Health for almost 6 years. I started by testing if I could really improve my health and physique with YOR Health supplements and I was surprised with the good results. I thought it was true that after 40 it was not possible to stay in shape, much less, “build muscles.” Today, I know that it is possible to feel full of energy and vitality. The challenge has become my lifestyle and I cannot live without our products. I am so convinced that I have become a Distributor, motivating other people to join and achieve their goals. I found the path and I'm happy to share it.

2nd Place-Male
Alexander Albert Alfaro Abarca

I am 32 years old. I started the challenge because when my daughter was born and during the pandemic I gained weight. I didn't feel good looking in the mirror, and I needed to make a change for myself and my family. That's when I decided to start the 8-week challenge, and as I progressed I felt my vitality return, I was able to play with my daughter without physical pain, and do everything without getting agitated.
I am working to be the best version of myself, and to show people that there is a different option to improve their health.

3rd Place-Male
Leonel Ángel Flores Alcántara

I am 50 years old, and my life changed when I decided to be part of YOR Best Body. At first I was hesitant, when I started the challenge I weighed 187lb, which means that in the process I have lost more than 33lb, and I am very motivated to continue.
I went from being someone always tired and sleepy, to being a person with a lot of energy, a better image and very fit. Every day I feel more proud of my health, my body, and obviously, my wife is happy. She has also completed her second challenge with me.
I have learned that every day you must go for a greater goal, especially if it is about being healthier.

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