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Vicente Eduardo Ramos Ruiz

Monterrey, MEXICO

Week 1
Week 8

I am 52 years old, and I am very excited for the result in this cycle.
As I was getting closer to my ideal weight, my focus in this time was to strengthen my muscles, lowering my fat levels, tightening the skin, and building muscle mass, all at once! I can tell this is a huge effort, but with the help of my state of the art YOR Health products it was a breeze!

My day started with 1 YOR AMP, 1 YOR Repair Ultra and 2 YOR Essential Vitamins before my 45 min. workout at home. Then at noon 1 scoop of YOR SuperGreens before my main meal. Always drinking plenty of plain water throughout the day (from 3 to 5 liters).

Around 2:00 pm, I would have a balanced meal low in carbs with 1 or 2 capsules of YOR Digest Ultra and 2 YOR Essential Vitamins.
Around 5:00 pm, I would have my snack.
Around 7:00 pm one scoop of YOR Shake to close the day with energy and power!
Before going to bed, I would have 1 capsule of YOR Probiotics Ultra, 1 YOR Repair Ultra and 2 YOR Essential Vitamins.

I not only reached my goal for this cycle, but I reduced 1 size in waist, now I am the size I was when I was in high school! I’m stronger, I feel that the skin around the belly is tightening, I feel younger, lighter, more energized, the six pack in my abs are starting to be noticeable! I am excited to start a new cycle of YOR BEST BODY at HOME, and this will be my first time in the sculp category.

I can´t express how grateful I am with the company, my mentors, my upline and the products! Thanks for inspiring me to get the best out of me!

Thank you YOR Health!

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When replacing 2 out of 5 mini-meals per day with a meal replacement shake, the average person should expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. As with any reduced-calorie diet, the amount of weight you'll lose will depend on the number of calories you consume in proportion to your weight.

Individual results may vary. Factors that may affect your results include (but are not limited to) your metabolism, exercise routine, diet, smoking, pregnancy, current medications and any medical conditions. As with any health or fitness program, regular exercise and a sensible eating plan are essential to achieve long-term weight loss results. No customer was paid for a testimonial.

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