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Jose Juan Garcia Orbe

Acapulco, MEXICO

Week 1
Week 8

Hello! My name is Juan Orbe. I am 42 years old and I am a middle school teacher.

I decided to join YOR BEST BODY at HOME because with the pandemic, I work online, so I spend several hours sitting in front of a computer. I also, neglected my diet and exercise. Being locked up at home means eating more and exercising less, which made me feel a bit tired, and I knew this was not normal, so I decided to do something about it.

When I started at YOR BEST BODY at HOME, I weighed 143 lbs / 65 kg and was size 32.
I finished the cycle weighing 129 lbs / 58.5 kg and I am size 30.
I'm super happy because now when I wake up, I immediately get out of bed, I feel more energetic and want to do more, but above all I feel a very healthy immune system!

I decided to do the DETOX360. It was a bit difficult because I only exercised at home, I had more work and was with my family, but with less time to myself and family due to the pandemic.

I started a 12 hour fasting, until I did it for 18 hrs in the last week. I avoided processed food, as much as I could. After a couple of weeks, I realized that I had more energy.

When I woke up, I would take YOR Probiotics Ultra. When I had time, I exercise for 30 or 40 minutes, and the last weeks I did it for up to 2 hours. Also, for the last weeks I exercised on an empty stomach. To break fasting, I took 1 scoop of YOR Shake with YOR SuperGreens, which is delicious and practical.

In the middle of my ingest window, I would consume protein, vegetable fats, and greens (boiled eggs with avocado and lettuce / spinach). I always took YOR Digest Ultra to get the best use of the nutrients, and then I would take YOR Essential Vitamins.
With the last meal (dinner), depending on the time, I would have a shake or dinner including protein, carbs, and some fat.
Blend: Oatmeal, Banana, toasted peanuts and one scoop of YOR Shake with sweet potato.
Traditional dinner: Baked toasts with boiled chicken, avocado and lettuce, accompanied by a banana smoothie with oats.
One hour before going to sleep, I would take YOR Repair Ultra.

Thanks to all the support and follow-up that YOR Health provides, and the exercise sessions which are very supportive, I will make all of this a lifestyle. Thanks a lot, to the YOR Health family and all the people who are part of it, because they always look for a way to help in what is necessary!

YOR BEST BODY at HOME definitely changes your life. I share this achievement, so that more people improve their health.

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