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Alejandra Huerta Diaz

Los Cabos, MEXICO

Week 1
Week 8

My name is Alejandra Huerta. I started my YOR Best Body with the idea of improving my abdominal area and I believed that my weight was already ideal. As I started my training and began to see the changes I realized that the accompanying supplements with my gym routines were giving much better results than I expected!
I am married, I am 41 years old and before starting my challenge I was a person with many physical deficiencies. Today I am a person with weight improvements. I am a person who takes care of himself and takes care of his family to achieve a more productive and happy life.
My gym routines 5 days a week with 3 of those days doing long cardio sessions.
Reading my goals for this challenge I can say that I achieved a great change in my back and my glutes, without hesitation I can run 21k!
My favorites were YOR Repair Ultra upon waking and before bed. YOR AMP 1 time a day and when training YOR SuperGreens with YOR Berry Blast!
Finishing training I do my super YOR shake with lots of ice. And of course, YOR Digest Ultra with every meal.
I end my day with a glass of warm water with YOR Fiber Plus.
I feel incredible! Much younger than I am and with so much energy that I am ready to be a health / fitness coach.
Thank you YOR for being a driver of change and opening my eyes to a much better life.

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