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Isabel Delgado Mora

Coyoacan, MEXICO

Week 1
Week 8

My name is Isabel Delgado, I am 37 years old and I am a receptionist in a beauty salon in Mexico City. Due to my work, I spend a lot of time sitting down, I didn't know when my clothes stopped fitting me. Seeing myself in the mirror I felt fat, failed and when I weighed myself, I wanted to cry, I had never weighed so much in my entire life. I made the decision to change my lifestyle and regain hope of getting back to my weight. It was very difficult for me to take the photos because I did not feel comfortable with my body, and I was afraid that they would make fun of me. When uploading the photos, I said: "It's the first step, there's no turning back." I had to eliminate from my diet what I liked the most, which was bread, pasta, and sugary things. I wanted to cry every time I had cravings, but an internal voice told me: "You can do it, don't give up." Every morning when I woke up, I had 1 YOR AMP, 1 YOR PROBIOTICS ULTRA and 2 YOR REPAIR. At my breakfast 2 scoops of YOR SHAKE along with 1 scoop of YOR FIBER PLUS. There were times when I would get very hungry and I would have YOR SUPERGREENS with a packet of YOR BERRY BLAST, along with a high-protein diet rich in vegetables. During my meal I had 1 YOR DIGEST ULTRA and 2 YOR ESSENTIAL VITAMINS. I supported myself by intermittent fasting for 14 hours. and I completely changed my diet both in times, portions, and above all, it changed my way of seeing and tasting food. I broke the paradigm that healthy food tastes bad. I used to do a moderate exercise routine every day for 20 min, but I hurt my back and the doctor forbade me to exercise because of the spinal injury. I became depressed again, believing that the diet would not help me lose what I needed, but I did not give up and continued to take care of myself. I felt so grateful and blessed when I stepped on the scale and saw the results in my clothes, in my daily life, and in my mind. I am very happy, thanks YOR HEALTH.

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