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Salvador Fragoso Diaz


Week 1
Week 8

Unlike the previous challenges, this time when I signed up, I was totally DECIDED to do well, and to win... not only the challenge, but to gain self-respect, because I had never weighed so much and my self-esteem was going down from not feeling well with what I saw in the mirror.
I am very satisfied with the result, because it had been YEARS since I lost weight like I did in this challenge. I start to be happy with what I see in the mirror.
The MOST important thing is that even after finishing the challenge, I remain firm with my willpower to continue losing the kilos that I am missing and to maintain my health.
These last 8 weeks, not only have been to lose weight, but bad habits that I had acquired. I know that from now on my life will continue to be better, even beyond the challenge, my diet will be more appropriate to my life goals, as a leader and as a father.
The YOR Health supplements were very helpful and made things simple.
The vanilla YOR Shake with strawberries, or the chocolate one with cinnamon were my healthy dessert of the day.
One of the things that improved was my digestion, my stomach felt lighter and my sleep quality increased! YOR Digest Ultra, YOR Probiotics Ultra, YOR SuperGreens and YOR Repair are already part of my daily routine, and it gives me security to know that every time I take them, it's like making an investment in the bank of the future.

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