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Gerardo De Jesus Estala

Durango, MEXICO

Week 1
Week 8

I lived my transformation in these 8 weeks with a lot of personal learning. My biggest challenge was to overcome those misconceptions that I allowed myself to take as part of the monotonous life in which I had settled. Outside of that I had no physical impediment, it was enough to decide to start and focus on the objective of rebuilding myself. Week by week I was including each of the YOR Health products.
Every day I felt stronger and full of energy as my body immediately accepted the YOR SuperGreens, YOR Shake, YOR AMP, YOR Fiber Plus, YOR Digest Ultra and YOR Probiotics Ultra. At night my body recovered from physical activities such as dance and Mesoamerican hip ball game. Now that I have reached my optimal weight again and that I feel in my best physical, mental and spiritual version, I have managed to impact the lives of my loved ones. My life with this result is mastered because I am ready to go out and share with my community how a full life can be lived in balance, harmony and well-being.
Having a fit body means to me the result of constant effort and the clear proof that I myself am the one who has to desire these things so powerfully that they are the ones that are really worth it.

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