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Steven Michael Skinner


Week 1
Week 8

This year has been a real challenge for me. Physically, I discovered something about myself that I had always feared, but I wasn't sure until I was tested. I discovered through chiropractic x-rays that I have mild spina bifida, a condition I have had since birth where the spine, in this case my L-5, has not fully formed. I have always had lower back problems, but now I know the cause. I also had a severe shoulder injury that caused adhesive capsulitis in my right shoulder. It took literally months of rehabilitation to regain full mobility. It's been pretty tough, but I'm finally back in the gym and feeling strong again. I feel like this challenge, for me, is a statement to not give up, no matter how difficult things seem, to not accept your situation, to keep believing that your faith will carry you forward. I train every morning now and I don't want to waste another moment, so I train hard. I always rely on my YOR Health supplements for support. I take YOR Digest Ultra with every meal. I take 2 YOR Essential Vitamins a day and YOR Repair Ultra after my grueling workouts. I also take my probiotics every morning. I've had to accept the reality that there are certain things I simply cannot do physically, but everything else I do with 100 percent effort. I have learned to work around my weaknesses and have become much stronger in the process. Thank you, YOR Health. I couldn't do it without you.

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