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Maria Fabiola Castillo Mondaca

Huaral, PERU

Week 1
Week 8

I am Maria Fabiola, a Chilean woman with two children. I've always lived in marathon mode; I do everything quickly or in a hurry. I stress all day with them and their routines. Because of this, I always had the excuse of not doing physical activity due to lack of time. Added to this is my lower back injury that prevents me from doing strenuous exercise or lifting weights. I started with short stretching routines and then moved on to passive, low-impact exercises. I focused on gradually increasing the intensity, starting with 5 minutes of conscious breathing for the first 7 days, then moving to 15 minutes of a full workout. I incorporated intermittent fasting days and the consumption of 1 scoop of YOR Fiber Plus on an empty stomach, along with one scoop of YOR SuperGreens. I took YOR Digest Ultra with each of my meals three times a day and did passive exercises at night due to my back injury. I can see that the physical changes are surprising. However, the shift in mindset and energy towards a healthy and conscious lifestyle, aware of how much and when to eat, is the change that isn't visible but has a tremendous impact on me today. Reducing my "apron belly" was like rebuilding myself and starting to value the body I want to have, and I know that if I continue, the change will become even more noticeable. Today, I feel lighter and more exhilarated with each routine, gradually increasing the duration of the exercise. I am grateful to YOR Health for giving me this opportunity to change and for not making excuses.

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