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Juan Pablo Plascencia Valle


Week 1
Week 8


For this challenge, I doubled my efforts and significantly reduced my sugar intake. I maintained intermittent fasting and disciplined training, and all this resulted in losing 3 KILOS, mostly fat, reducing my body fat percentage from 16% to 15%, and increasing LEAN MASS percentage from 83% to 85% in the process. This means that proportionally, I now have more muscle with fewer kilos of body weight.

Every morning, I start with 1 YOR Probiotics Ultra and 1 YOR Repair Ultra. At midday, I have my YOR Shake, and at lunchtime, 1 YOR Digest Ultra.

In the afternoon, before my workout, I take 1 YOR AMP. Then, I prepare a YOR SuperGreens, which I drink throughout the afternoon, and after the workout, I take another YOR Repair Ultra.

For dinner, I take 1 capsule of YOR Digest Ultra, and in general, I try to sleep enough, at least 8 hours, for muscle repair.

I've been doing this process for months, but now I've been more disciplined about my processed food intake.

I try to follow a diet where 80% is vegetables, meat, and fruits. On weekends, I can eat a little more, but I try to resist temptations, and it has worked better for me now. Also, I drink plenty of pure water, green juices, and stay well hydrated overall. I don't drink sodas.

My idea is to continue like this for the next challenges and see how much lean mass I can gain while maintaining or reducing my body fat percentage.

Thank you very much!

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