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Mariana Jaqueline Erazo Vaca

Monterrey, MEXICO

Week 1
Week 8

Hello everyone, I am Jaqui Erazo. The beginning of my healthy life started when I first tried YOR Health products. I fell in love with YOR Shake and YOR Berry Blast, they are essential in my day-to-day. In third grade, I began my sports life by training volleyball with a plastic ball so I wouldn't hurt myself. Throughout my growth, I practiced different sports, but the one that won my heart was volleyball. Until I started my degree, and my schedule didn't allow me to continue training, I stopped exercising consistently and neglected my diet. I didn't feel bad about my body, but I wasn't in ideal shape either. If I wanted to have a good figure, feel fulfilled and energetic, I had to make decisions about my lifestyle. So one day, I said: NO MORE. I went to the nutritionist and started weight training in the gym, a discipline I didn't like because of a bad experience, but it eventually became my favorite activity, and now I go 6 days a week for 2 hours a day. As for my diet, I had to adapt to a nutrition plan to lose fat and gain muscle mass. At first, it was hard to measure my meals and carry my snacks everywhere, but I confess that now I enjoy measuring and accounting for what I eat, with YOR Shake being a base when I don't have time to prepare my meals. Joining this challenge not only helped me lose 1.6 kg of fat and gain muscle mass but also to feel better than ever, with energy, happy with my progress and my diet. My mindset changed, and now I see my body as a temple that I love, strengthen, and nourish every day because I think of the healthy and fulfilled Jaqui of the future!

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