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  Tools & Tips: Lifestyle Tips
Wash your hands!
It is estimated that as much as 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands.* Harmful germs can live on almost everything and hand washing is the most important act you can do to protect yourself and stop the spread of infection.* Also, to help protect yourself from germs, try not to touch your face as much as possible since germs from the hands can be transmitted into the eyes, nose, and mouth.
We have all heard the saying ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ Research shows that humor and laughter contribute to overall wellbeing by reducing stress, boosting mood, and promoting instant relaxation.
Have a hobby.
Finding an activity that you are passionate about and enjoy will help reduce stress and may contribute to longevity. Even with hectic lifestyles it is an important part of life to take part in the activities you enjoy.
Take part in social activities.
Taking part in social activities is an important part of overall wellbeing for all age groups. It stimulates the mind, provides a sense of belonging, and usually improves mood.
Take a walk outdoors every day.
Whether it is first thing in the morning, on your lunch break, or after dinner, breathing in fresh air clears the mind and even this little bit of physical activity supports metabolism.
Enjoy physical activity.
A physically active lifestyle is a huge contributor to good health and wellbeing. If you are not currently physically active, start out doing activities you enjoy. Take horseback riding lessons, swim, or take a dancing class, whatever it is you find enjoyable, do it!
Always stay hydrated.
For every system, tissue, and cell in the body to function, adequate hydration is a must.* Always make it a priority to drink at least eight, 8 oz glasses of water each day. Make the majority of your fluid intake come from pure water. Staying hydrated supports healthy immune function, decreases fatigue, and supports the health of every cell in your body.
Do not smoke.
If you smoke, quit. Of course this is much easier said than done. Every time you put a cigarette in your mouth think about this; Smokers’ risk of developing coronary heart disease is 2-4 times that of nonsmokers.* Your spouse has a 42% higher risk of stroke than if they were married to a non-smoker, even if they themselves have never smoked.* You are increasing your risk and the risk of those around you of developing asthma, lung cancer, and various oral cancers, among other health afflictions. In addition, your children will be more likely to smoke.*
Limit alcohol consumption.
Excessive and prolonged alcohol intake stresses the liver, weakens the immune system, and dehydrates the body.* Limit your alcohol intake to as little as possible, and try to avoid binge drinking. When you are intoxicated you are more likely to make dangerous and unhealthy decisions that can jeopardize your health and the safety of yourself and others.
Make it a priority to receive regular medical care.
Keeping up to date with regular check-ups, vaccinations, dental care, and eye care is important for overall health now and in the future.
These tips are suggestions to encourage healthy dietary, exercise, and lifestyle habits. Consult your physician before making any dietary changes, using YOR Health products, or beginning a physical fitness program.

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